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HEXACOMM has 3 complementary research objectives (ROs):

RO1: to improve our comprehension of the sources, emission rates, source apportionment methodologies, mechanisms and concentration characteristics of aerosols in the indoor environment including nanoparticles and their chemical composition and bioaerosols.

RO2: to develop an understanding of the impact of indoor particulate matter on human exposure. An important component will be the development of methods via which exposure of those sectors of the population considered as most susceptible to the health impacts of air pollution can be monitored. Exposure via inhalation of indoor air will be studied both at the individual and the population level. Different aerosol metric parameters will be employed to determine human exposure.

RO3: to advance our knowledge of the indoor aerosol exposure at specific modern microenvironments (a) urban houses (b) modern offices (c) metro stations and (d) industry (Occupational exposure to engineered nanoparticles).

Joint Activities: Metro measurements (JOINTACTIVITIES_METRO.pdf).