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Outline of Work Packages

WP1- Air Pollution Characterization Indoors
The objective of WP1 is to further understanding of aerosol characteristics indoors and outdoors using state-of-the-art measurement and experimental tools.

WP2- - Human Exposure (Sources and Monitoring)
The objective of WP2 is to develop knowledge of the extent to which indoor aerosols contribute to human exposure and to further understanding of the aerosol metrics - human exposure at specific microenvironments.

The aim of the Training Programme is to increase the knowledge base and experience of a cohort of trainees (12 ESRs and 2 ERs) in the different research areas (i.e. aerosol measurements, analytical and environmental chemistry, exposure assessment and mathematical modelling) that are relevant to the challenge of achieving adequate indoor air quality in an environmentally sustainable fashion.


The management structure includes the Network Coordinator, the Supervisory Board, the Director of Research, the Director of Training, Equal Opportunities Champion, Ethical Lead and individual project supervisors.


The main route for specialist dissemination of the results of the network will be through presentations at international conferences, and publication in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Wider dissemination of results to the general public will involve the use of lay summaries of research aims and results on the network’s website, press releases and general articles in web-based or printed media.